Slingshots & Accessories

We want this category in to be the trusted repository for everything to do with the slingshots and accessories sold by today's active brands, such as: Barnett, Daisy, Saunders, Velocity and SA Sports.

Our criteria in making this selection include: availability of replacements, brand prominence, durability, portability, wrist design and ease-of-use.


Saunders is known in the industry as a devoted creator of compelling archery gear designs, such as the Blade Gripper™ and Double Eagle™ series, but its line of slingshots made with the trademarked, revolutionary Wrist-Rocket® wrist-brace tech is equally impressive.

Saunders' slingshots are best known for the following reputation: patented Wrist-Rocket® wrist-braced slingshots since 1954; the Pro-X™ patent for fastest and hardest hitting long-range slingshot; slingshots that already come with wrist tether and patented Black-Mamba™ bands to improve torque; highly compatible with the military grade patented Pipper™ sight; and classic or original tubular bands that have a unique double taper for exceptional speed and durability.

We suggest you get the high-power, tubular Saunders Wristrocket Slingshot Replacement Bands if you're going for a continuous slingshot hunting without the need to worry that your slingshot will fail on you since this will be your back-up.


You can trust Velocity as a maker of slingshots that feature standard power bands, adjustable sight pins, leather ammo pouches, and push button ammo releases. We suggest you get the Velocity Firecat Slingshot if you're a beginner archer still trying to see if slingshot hunting is for you.

SA Sports

SA Sports made a name in the industry for making slingshots that are made with adjustable draw lengths and adjustable wrist braces for a custom and comfortable fit. You can expect that the slingshots you buy from SA will include a 10 steel 3/8 inch balls for ammo.

If adjustable draw and wrist brace are your priorities, you can get it satisfied by the SA Sports Stinger Ultimate Slingshot, which is made even more powerful for its soft leather ammo pouch and 10 rounds of ammo.


Two of the most prominent ammo models from Daisy include the 3/8in. 75 ct. and 1/2in. 75ct. Daisy Slingshot Ammo Steel, and archers will rely on these if they want glass as material for their slingshot ammo. Some features to expect from Daisy's line of slingshot gear include: molded sure-grip handle and extra-wide steel frames and a flexible wrist support.
We suggest you get the Daisy Model B52 Slingshot because it has all the features above, plus the added ability to fold it away for easy and compact storage.