Stabilizer Accessories

We at want to give you in this category the best stabilizer accessories that money can buy from many powerful brands, such as: AAE, Apex, Atomic Rods, Axcel, Shrewd, Trophy Ridge, TruGlo, and Xfactor.

Our criteria to decide which brands to feature include: brand reputation, 360 degree adjustment, patented features and technology, durability and portability.

X Factor

X Factor is a valuable brand among archers mainly for its patented features, such as the Roller Ball Technology that allows archers a single 360 degree adjustment no matter their skill level. We suggest you get the X-Factor Xtreme Side Bar Mount if you want the aforementioned features, but also a N0-Teeth system to lock your bar in place with just a single set screw.

Another strength of the brand is the fact that they can guarantee all their products to be American-made, with an added Lifetime Guaranteed features to many of its wide-ranging products.


AAE is known to be the innovator of such stabilizer accessories as the AAE Gripper Offset Bracket and the AAE Gripper Quick Disconnect. It's a remarkable brand that archers can trust when they want, say, a gripper offset that's built with a maximum surface area contact using 7075 aluminum, providing the most rigid connection to the bow possible. If this is what you want, we suggest you get the AAE Gripper Offset Bracket w/Quick Detach.

Apart from the maximum surface area feature, this also comes with a Bolt Lock System technology that helps archers micro drive its parts apart when the bolt is loosened to prevent unwanted seizing. Other signature features AAE is known today is its accessories' laser-etched marks for easy adjustment and a quick disconnect in the side bar.


When it comes to mounts with heavy-duty metal construction, Apex is a brand you can rely on. One of its accessories we recommend to intermediate archers is the Apex Outpost Stabilizer Mount. It's got the standard metal body above, but with the added value of no-slip mesh teeth joints and laser engraved angular markings. Other accessory aids from Apex are stabilizer weights and adjustable dampeners.


Axcel is a brand known for its patented Kryptos Pro Adjustable Dampeners, CenterLock Quick Disconnects and stabilizer weights. If you're an intermediately skilled archer, we suggest you get the Axcel TriLock Adjustable Offset Mounts that fit perfectly to your lower riser mounting holes or to the front stabilizer holes when using a quick disconnect.

Axcel's other signature brand features include: mounts that have raised boss taper surfaces on the male connector for a durable connection and an added second lock from the AnchorGrip that adds biting teeth for the bars to stay in place.