String Stops

We here at Hunting-bow aim to make this category as the go-to guide for archers looking for the best string stops sold by today's leading brands, including: Apex, Bow Rattler, Bow Jax, Conquest Archery, Ktech, Limbsaver, and Q2i.

The criteria we used to know which right products to feature include: brand reputation, presence of brackets, body type, bow balance, rear stabilizer add-on and bow compatibility.


Ktech aims to be known among archers as the No. 1 Maker of adjustable string stop brackets that are utilizing Mathews Harmonic Stabilizers and Harmonic Damper Technologies. We highly suggest you get the KTech String Stop with Rod Lost XD, which has the aforementioned features, as well as a 100% machined 6061-T6 aluminum body that creates balance on any bow and a dramatic reduction in residual vibration.

Other patented or signature features to expect from Ktech include: high-dampening silencing power; 100% Made in the USA guarantee; bow compatibility with carbon rod inclusion; weight of about 4.6 oz; and family-owned and -operated operations so you enjoy maximum personalized attention.


Limbsaver as a brand brings to the table some of today's world-class string stops that can dramatically alter the frequency of your bow's shot noise in ways no other brand can do. If you want less spooked and dissipated sound with better materials and practical design, Limbsaver has the high-performance solution for you.

We recommend you get the Limbsaver String Decelerator Universal Mount if you want a re-designed node that slows your string to a stop to reduce a slapping noise. Other useful features and benefits to enjoy from Limbsaver include: universal mounting system design that can fit most bows and mounts; string-noise reduction add-on; noise control features for maximum stealth and accuracy from proprietary NAVCOM technology (Noise and Vibration Control Material); industrial-strength 3M adhesive for outdoor endurance; and look customization options.


Q2i is best known in the market as the creator of the world-renown DV-II, Fusion X-II, In-Gear, Predator-II, Rapt X and Zeon Fusion series of archery gear. One of its string stop innovations with the most impressive features is the Rear Mount String Tamer. We suggest you get this if you're looking for the strongest, aircraft-grade aluminum material in your string stop.

Other features to expect with this one is its ability to stop your string at the softest, most resilient padding cushion made possible today, as well as its added dampening power that makes its silencing abilities a force to reckon.