String Stops & Vibration Dampeners

The vision of in this category is to equip all archers with the right information about string stops & vibration dampeners made available by brands they already trust, such as: Bow Jax, Excalibur, Killer Instinct and Kinex Systems.

To make it into our list, we considered the brand's following features: reputation, quantity of products in the catalog, bow compatibility, patented compression features and portability.

Bow Jax

We see BowJax as an important brand because of the complete way it makes its string stop and vibration dampener kits, which generally consist of 2 split limb dampeners and 2 stirrup dampeners. What this means is that archers of both beginner and expert skill level will find in BowJax everything they need to soak up vibrations in just one kit and that will also fit with major crossbow brands.

Other brand features to watch out for from BowJax include: hiqh quality vibration dampeners at affordable price; premium materials made by experts; Guaranteed 100% Made in USA; patented Bowjax® MacDaddy and Magnum Monster Split Black Limb Dampeners innovations; six vibration arms; and reliable bow noise and jump quietening features.

We recommend you get the stylishly bold, black BowJax Crossbow Kit Solid Limb if you want a complete kit that pairs well with any of your Monsterjax bows. We like this because it already has four Crossbow Slipjax string silencers and one retention bolt dampener in the kit.

Kinex Systems

The importance of Kinex Systems as a brand may have started with how it has created crossbow limb stabilizers that are designed with rounded edges and tuned to be out of phase with a bow's vibration. We especially can recommend the Kinex Crossbow Limb Stabilizer for beginner archers who want the maximum vibration reduction features without adding on weight.

Kinex Sysems is the creator of the patented Compression Fit Technology that comes with pawn and weighted discs that can reduce up to 70 percent of unwanted vibration when placed 1 inch from the limb pockets.

Other exciting features to expect from Kinex include: compatibility with Mathews Harmonic Dampeners; compatibility with the picitinny rails for mounting multiple action cameras and flashlights; patented Checkmate Stabilizer System; innovative bow stabilizer design; and colored disc designs for easy visual.


The best thing about Excalibur is its ability to create for archers a lightweight, ultra-modern energy-absorbing compound in its string stops and vibration dampeners. If its noise reduction features made in lightweight design that you want, then the Excalibur Air Brakes for Matrix and Micro may be the one for you.