Take-Down Limbs

Hunting-bow.com features in this category some of the most heavy-duty and high quality brands or types of take-down limbs available in the market. One of these remarkable brands is October Mountain, and some of its replacement limbs we featured here are for its Adventure 2.0, Explorer 2.0 and Smoky Mountain Hunter bows.

The criteria we used to make our list includes limb bolt quality, bow length and width, durability, and the popularity of the bows.

Adventure 2.0 Replacement Limbs

October Mountain Products is known not just for its robust array of bows, but also for their durable replacement limbs. One of the most popular recurve bows they make is the OMP Adventure 2.0 Recurve Bow. If you own this bow and its limb is starting to wear off, then we suggest getting the October Mountain Adventure 2.0 replacement limbs, available in 48, 54 and 62 inches.

We encourage you to measure first or determine the brace height and size length of your limbs of your Adventure 2.0 bow before inquiring about this replacement. The Adventure 2.0 replacement limbs you get should be manufacturer-guaranteed and made with the same heavy-duty material as the original.

If you're a beginner and you want to maximize your money by not buying another brand new bow, we recommend you get yours replaced with this set of limbs.

Explorer 2.0 Replacement Limbs

The next popular OMP recurve bow today is the Explorer 2.0 Recurve Bow. This is the perfect bow for beginners since its slim grip design is easy to handle and it already comes equipped with a plunger, a sight and even stabilizer bushings. These are all must-haves for a starter archer.

You know you're already an advanced level archer when your Explorer 2.0 is starting to wear off, especially its limbs. When that happens, it is highly recommended to buy legitimate replacement limbs made by a trusted distributor, especially if you want to save extra money by not buying new.

Feel free to explore some of the other types, sizes and models of take down riser replacements we compiled in this selection. From the ability to provide limbs fit for both left and right-handed archers to the ability to increase draw weight, Hunting-bow.com has your back.