Take-Down Risers compiles in this category some of the best brands, types and models of the take down risers that suit your unique bow preferences, which include products from the brands: Cartel and October Mountain. Our criteria to find out which ones are the best include durability, limb bolt quality, bow length and many other important features.


The first one in this list is the Cartel Fantom Recurve Riser from the Cartel brand. Cartel is known in the industry to be a leading manufacturer of high-grade entry and intermediate level recurve risers and other archery equipment. If you want maximum value in building your starter bow kit, the Fantom Riser is the best pick for its solid aluminum body that's easy to set up.

What makes Cartel extra special is its ability to make sure that all their risers are always updated, refined, and reinforced. They make sure also that each element they use is hand-crafted with masterful precision and enhancement.

Risers from Cartel have refined pins and a bolt limb alignment system that are created with the next generation and advanced tech in mind.

October Mountain

October Mountain is an established brand known for its best-in-class traditional bows and replacement risers. We recommend to you the 54-inch October Mountain Adventure 2.0 Riser if you're looking for the lowest priced replacement riser for your OMP Adventure 2.0 recurve bow. This already includes limb bolts, so whether you're a beginner or an advanced shooter, this gives you more value for your money.

We also have in this category the October Mountain Explorer 2.0 Recurve Riser. At 62 inches, this is a manufacturer-approved replacement for your Explorer 2.0 recurve bows. We recommend you use this replacement only with limbs that have the indicated bow length, which is 62 inches. Beginners and advanced level archers alike are ideal users of this riser type.

Do you own a Mountaineer 2.0 recurve bow? Then the October Mountain 62 in. Mountaineer 2.0 Riser is your replacement riser, which also already includes limb bolts that are compatible with 62-inch. With this riser's attractive price point, it is a highly recommended riser for beginners who are still maximizing their investment with as many features they can pack.