Target Faces wants you to always be getting the best value for money in your target faces, which is why we give you in this category the best options you can pick from today's best brands, such as: 30-06, Arrowmat, Third Hand, Weaknecht, Maple Leaf Press, Morrell, OnCore Targets, DuraMesh and so many other big established brands.

We aim to make the selection and buying process to be as swift as possible, so we limit our criteria in what products to feature here according to the following factors: price, availability, pre-order options, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, durability, weather resistance, shot guarantees, add-ons and innovative features.


No one in the archery industry has never heard of the drive and innovation of 30-06 as a creator of not just crossbows but also paper targets and other accessories. If you're a beginner and you're up for purchasing new gear to elevate your hunting experience, the 30-06 Paper Targets 3 Spot Vegas will be a happy addition. It is a five-color, three spot "Vegas" style target face that's sold in a 100 target pad, making it a jam-packed product that gives you more value for money.


DuraMesh stands strong as a brand mainly for drawing archers in healthy numbers to its patented, durable and weatherproof target sights. What we especially like to recommend to our loyal beginner archers is the DuraMesh Archery Target Sight (24 in. x 24 in.) not just because of its durability and weatherproofing tech, but also because it can train archers to go for competitions.

This is actually made for backyard, club range and indoor leagues, and who doesn't want to shoot arrows in all of these settings?


Arrowmat is a powerful brand to reckon in the archery industry because of its ability to offer consumers a perfect blend of economy and efficiency in its paper target faces. It's also one of the few brands today in the market that offer self-healing foam rubber for weather resistance and durability protection that are guaranteed to reach about 1,000 shots. The brass grommets added are just a neat bonus that makes purchasing this a practical decision. goes out of its way to give you accurate attributes for your target faces and make sure that the claims made thereof by the brands will match your skill level,