Target Quivers & Belts

The aim of in this category is to showcase some of the world's best target quivers and belts that are made available by today's top brands, including: Angel Archery, Bateman, Bohning, Carbon Express, Easton, and Elevation.

Our select criteria for picking the best traditional quivers and belts include: durability, body material, portability, bow compatibility, overall length, patented features, and quantity of add-ons.

Angel Archery

The strength today of Angel Archery is in generating quiver solutions designed for archers who prefer their arrows to face towards the rear. The brand now is famous for such innovations as the Angel Field Quiver, a Black with White Trim that we recommend for right-handed archers looking for rear-based design.

You can also expect that Angel Archery's target quivers and belts will come in average of 17" overall length with valuable add-ons, like accessory pockets, pen holders and T-square holders.


You can trust Bateman as the brand that can give you the patented Condura-laminated tube quivers that come with military-grade belt clips. One of their stronghold products today would be the Bateman Cub Tube Quiver True Timber, which is highly recommended for expert indoor or 3D target archery.

What's remarkable about Bateman is its brand reputation of offering the classic designs that traditional archers expect from their pocket quivers.


Bohning is arguably the strongest brand today that offers patented quiver features, which include the trademarked Bohning’s Bruin® and Lynx® quivers. People go to Bohning if they want heavy-duty dual-retainer, four arrow quiver designs. A strong example of this is the Bohning Tube Quiver made for both right- and left-handed archers who enjoy a soft shell design and a reinforced quiver bottom.

Another strong feature in Bohning quivers is their high-impact, composite stem that equips the archer with metal strength material without the staggering weight. It helps, too, that Bohning's quiver design has tree hooks that can eliminate vibration and allow for an easier hanging.


Elevation's strength as a brand is its patented features, such as Diamond-Lock fabric and Comfort-Tec Pro padding. One of their quivers with these designer attributes is the Elevation Nerve Field Quiver. Archers will love this one for its 3-stage carbon tube arrow divider and carbon point plate that will equip them with both a boost in their skill performance and bow's durability. Even better is the fact that this comes with two accessory sleeves for archers to store a scorecard, kickstand and even a pen.