Target Stabilizers

We at find satisfaction in presenting in this category some of the best target stabilizers that you can acquire from such big brands as: Atomic Rods, Axcel, Axion, Bee Stinger, Shrewd and Trophy Ridge.

Factors we considered to pick the right products will include: durability, body material, signature features, weight add-ons, plating quality, end thread pattern and availability.

Atomic Rods

Many archers can trust Atomic Rods for its innovation in giving a super-stiff, carbon fiber core in its target stabilizers. It's a brand that pushes for providing archers extreme rigidity and reduced wind drag while maintaining a lightweight feel. Atomic Rods also develops their stabilizers from 1/2" Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fibers, with versions ranging from 24" through 36".

Other features the brand is known for in its target stabilizers include: a CAD designed 6061 set of aluminum ends in the body; carbon material's smooth gloss finish with logo of authenticity attached; an anodized plating in a multitude of colors to match the style you’re looking for; added weights; and a 5/16-24 weight end thread pattern.

We suggest you get the Atomic Rods B2 Stabilizer if you're an intermediate archer looking for extreme rigidity and reduced wind drag in your hunts.


Archers can find in Axcel such valuable target stabilizer features as: a bio-composite body that uses natural flax fibers and ultrahigh modulus carbon material, and a higher dampening capacity that helps lessen the bow's torque and vibration.

We'd like to recommend the Axcel CarboFlax 500 Stabilizer for such mentioned features, as well as the addition of Axcel's patented "Kryptos Arc" vibration dampener made with added weights that come in either a 1” diameter 1 oz weight or 1” 2 oz weight diameter.

Axcel's great success lies in creating stabilizers that come with the patented CarboFlax™ Hybrid Composite technology that improves sound deadening and superior vibration dampening qualities no brand seems to compare. Other features Axcel is known for today in its stabilizers include: a guarantee that its products are made in the USA; extreme stiffness and rigidity that make it easy for archers to acquire targets; and its standard weight add-ons.


Archers can go to Axion if they're looking for signature features as: the patented Mathews Harmonic Lite Damper system for maximum vibration dampening and enhanced stabilization; and end caps that are CNC machined aluminum with two 1 oz. weights to ensure ultimate adjustability while allowing you complete control of the weight added.