Traditional Bow Strings

Our mission at in this category is to provide you with the most relevant information about traditional bow strings that are currently sold by leading archery gear brands, such as: J and D Custom Strings and October Mountain.

Our criteria to decide a product is worthy of a feature here include: durability, brand reputation, bundles included, body construction, AMO standards compliance, bow compatibility and nylon quality.

J and D Custom Strings

J and D Custom Strings is a brand best known today for its premium recurve strings, such as the J and D Oneida Recurve String series. What's great about its replacement strings is that they generally feature a monofilament center serving with its loops having a served end, resulting to increased durability.

Other components of the bow strings of J and D that have made the brand prominent are: patented FastFlight material for added strength and durability; they all have minimal creep; measurement is based on AMO length; 100% Made in USA guarantee; patented sturdy B-50 Dacron material and full-scale customizable features.

October Mountain

The bow strings from October Mountain are known for their Flemish design, D 97 Material and quality nylon center-served strings. One of the most recognizable strings from the brand built with such sturdy D-97 material is the Purple/Black 60 in. Flemish String, which many archers can appreciate for its AMO standards-compliant reputation.

If you own October Mountain's High-End ILF Carbon-Z recurver bows and you aim to be an expert archer, this string replacement is best on hand.