Traditional Quivers

The aim of in this category is to help you make an informed decision about what traditional quivers to pick from the established brands selling them, including: Grayling, Neet, Selway, Vista and 3 Rivers.

Our criteria for picking the best traditional quivers include: durability, body material, portability, quantity of arrows to hold, bow compatibility and quantity of add-ons.

3 Rivers

3 Rivers today leads in making adult size hand-woven quivers that even master hunters can enjoy. We'd love to recommend the Woodland Basket Quiver for its ability to hold up to 12 field tipped arrows and its adjustable leather strap that's typically worn diagonally over the shoulder.

Another strength of the brand is its ability to let archers talk to experts for usage assistance in the accessories and its series of helpful videos made available for archers to transition them to pro level.


Vista is a brand we can recommend for archers looking for traditional quivers that are comfortable both for practice and recreational archery. We are partial to the Vista Cunningham Quiver as a powerful addition to both right- and left-handed archer's gear kit.

You may notice that Vista makes sure that their quivers are made with authentic traditional material, such as genuine buffalo hide. The adjustable shoulder straps in the brand's quivers are enforced with metal hardware for heavy-duty durability.


Selway's traditional quivers are designed to match all types of traditional bows, including recurve and longbows. We suggest you go to this brand if you're looking for genuine rawhide leather or quality plastics in your quivers.

One of these quivers is the Selway Strap-on Rawhide Stick Quiver for both recurve and longbows. Selway designed this to have a rawhide hood cover and a strap-on traditional quiver design so that beginners can master their skills easily with them.


Grayling is known among archer communities for its traditional, Quick-Detach quivers made more special with the use of vintage green plastic hood. We recommend to experts the use of the Grayling Fred Bear Quick Detach Quiver Longbow for its patented ability to hold up to five arrows mainly from a 5/16" to 23/64" diameter. Go with this one if you want a quiver mount that tightens over limb with a simple lock-down knob.

Kwikee Kwiver

Kwikee Kwiver makes a name in creating traditional bow quivers that can slide over limbs and quickly fasten with the help of spring steel clamps. One of its creations we recommend to beginners is the Kwikee Kwiver Recurve Quiver, which is more value for money than the rest because of its added broadhead shield that clips into a spare arrow.