Trapping Scents

We aim here at to make this category as the number one source for archers looking for what trapping scents to buy from such leading brands as: Cavens, Kishels, Mark June, Pete Rickard, and Minnesota Trapline.

The criteria we used to make our category include: brand reputation, availability, quality, lure ingredients, and attractor enhancements.


We believe Cavens is a strong contender for its ability to create the kind of trapping scents that can attract even fox and coyotes hiding under dirt holes. We suggest you get the Cavens Canine Force Predator Lure packed in 1 oz. set, if you're looking for the kind of scents you can use both during early and late season.

Trusting Cavens means you will also get to enjoy some of its other signature offerings, such as, a smell that's so like the real thing and is very successful at dirt sets when used with bait, as it can remove as well as remove suspicion.

Pete Rickard

We believe Pete Rickard to be a brand that can offer the kind of trapping scents made with genuine quill taken from the skunk gland. Archers can trust the brand for their lure ingredients, as well as for making a special attractor near their sets.

Since 1929, when Pete Rickard developed the original Indian Buck Lure, he paved a way for an entire industry that wanted to evolve the world of hunting. Right now, the brand is the maker of today's best-selling hunt scents, cover scents, attracting lures and even ingredients for scent elimination.

Other benefits to enjoy from the brand include: the ATA Deer Protection Program that guarantees that the cervid urine used comes from a participating Deer Protection Program facility; unmistakable aroma of rich soil fresh from the forest floor; universality of use; strong effectivity in hiding a human smell from deer; and signature "Mother Earth" scents that are calming to the prey.

Pete Rickard also guarantees that all its scents are compliant with all the set CWD regulations today, whether you're using it across different states.


Archers go to Kishels for the kind of trapping scents collected from clean, fresh and uncut sources. We suggest you get the Kishels Bobcat Urine packed in a 4 oz. package if you want 100% natural material in your scents, and a success rate unmatched by others in the industry.