Vibration Dampeners

The goal of in this category is to provide the most relevant data about vibration dampeners that archers can buy from such esteemed brands as: 30-06, Axion, Bow Jax, Doinker, Kinex Systems, Limbsaver, Outdoor Prostaff and Pine Ridge.

We use the following criteria in picking which products should make it to the category: durability, material type, limb and bow compatibility, ability to do 360 degrees of dampening, and adjustability through the limbs.

X Factor

What X Factor as a brand brings to the table are limb dampeners that are made from an advanced A-tech rubber compound that fits many standard, thin limb and split bows. The brand sets itself apart by allowing archers to wrap them around the limb for a 360 degrees level of dampening.

Other features to expect from X Factor's vibration dampeners include: adjustability up and down the limbs for maximum dampening; and Lifetime and American-Made guarantee.
If you're an expert archer who owns multiple thin limb and split bows, you might want to try the X-Factor Limb Factor dampener, which has all the features above and more.

Pine Ridge

Pine Ridge rises to the top by solving archers' need for easy-to-install dampeners that dampen vibration and noise on vertical limb bows and crossbows. Pine Ridge sets itself apart by making their vibration dampeners from heavy-duty material that can be squeezed into tight limb gaps of up to 1.20 inches wide and stay in place.

Other impressive signature innovations of the brand include: the patent-pending rounded leading edge on the NITRO Vane; aerodynamic design in its archery gear; and the patent-pending Micro Glue Pockets. We recommend expert archers to get the Pine Ridge Nitro Split Limb Dampeners for a convenient but long-lasting use.

Outdoor Prostaff

Outdoor Prostaff is a stand-out for creating vibration dampeners that require no bow press. If you're an archer looking for a dampener that you can simply wrap anywhere extra damping is needed, Outdoor Prostaff is your answer. Other features of the brand's dampeners include: individual strands that can be connected and added barb between the wires to secure them in place when pulling.

We recommend you get the Outdoor Prostaff Wire Wrap Silencers if you're an intermediate archer looking for 4-string silencers that you don't need a bow press to install.


Limbsaver is the brand to trust when looking for compact but durable dampeners that are downsized to fit in sights and accessories. A good choice for beginners are the Limbsaver Mini Dampeners.