Waterfowl Calls

We here at want to make this category as the ultimate reference site for all archers in the world looking for the best waterfowl calls sold by such brands as: Flextone, Haydel Game Calls, Flambeau, Primos and Lynch Mob Calls.

We used the following criteria for our selection: brand reputation, sound variation, lifelike realism, effectivity and durability.


Flextone is a valuable brand because of its ability to create a multipurpose set of waterfowl calls that can produce the sounds of six birds with one call: mallard drake, pintail, widgeon, teal, wood duck and bobwhite. Flextone also makes sure that you get a flexible body in your calls that can give you the power to control volume and tone to achieve more life-like sounds.

We suggest you get the Flextone Six N One Waterfowl Whistle if you're a beginner archer still figuring out whether hunting mallard drakes or teal is for you. Other features to expect from Flextone include: the signature X-glide sound selection; loud snort wheeze chambers; ventilated rubber bags; and Tru-touch buttons for easy operation.

Flextone's waterfowl calls even work better when paired with the brand's Buck Collector® Plus, WTF Grunt'R™, Extractor™, Battle Bag Plus™, All-N-One™ Boned Up and Battle Bones® patented tech.


You'd like Haydels for its ability to make waterfowl calls that let you actually speak the birds you're targeting, especially when hunting for gadwalls. With Haydels' Gadwall Call, you can produce a "tat-tat" sound of the drakes as wall as the nasally heavy quacks of hens.


Flambeau is a strong contender because of its D2D Goose Call creation. It is a compact, short-reed, rugged honker for the dusk to dawn waterfowler, offering a widened keg horn which creates easily manipulated back pressure to swing between blazing speed and crisp, tack driving clucks.

We recommend to beginners the Flambeau D2D Goose Call because they might want to start with a compact one first, and the volume, speed and dexterity enhancements in this one will train them across multiple facets.


Primos is a good choice because it's able to create high quality hardwood barrel in its waterfowl calls. What this does is that it is able to infuse in its Classic Wood Duck call some of the rich tones that are hard for wood ducks to resist. It is also a great confidence call when hunting other waterfowl.