Youth Armguards aims to give you the best value deals in the market that you always deserve by presenting in this category all of the best and big brands of youth armguards that you must choose from, including: 30-06, Neet, October Mountain and Tarantula.

We make it our priority to give you accurate details in their features, and so we used these factors in our criteria of selection: stretch fit comfort, compression of sleeves, strap type, gender type, brand recognition, user criticism and many more.


Since 2007, 30-06 as a brand has gained a following as an all-encompassing outlet of premium outdoor gear for archery and fishing. We highly recommend their 30-06 Compressor Arm Guard specially designed for the youth, if you're still a starter shooter who wants to attain a good grip while still keeping the sleeves compressed. This is measured for Youth and Ladies arms sizes.


Neet has retained its reputation over the years as a premier manufacturer of USA-made leather, archery and outdoor goods, which suggests they're the best brand to rely on with all your youth armguard needs. The best one we found from their selection and that we highly recommend both to beginners and advanced archers alike is the Neet Diamond Line Armguard.

Stained in royal and crisp blue, this youth armguard is made of a diamond pattern ripstop material that fits snugly around your arm and that features a single nylon rod reinforcement stave to get that weightless feel.

October Mountain

From vibe silencers, string silencers to armguards made for youth and women, October Mountain is a brand known for their genuine hide leather with authentic styling and fine materials made both for traditional and compound bow archers. We especially love to recommend their October Mountain Arm Guard (Black) mainly for its quick adjust straps and integrated d-rings that secure the youth archers' arms will not pull through the straps through closure.


Tarantula as a brand is regarded today as one of the leading manufacturers of 3D and target shooting archery equipment. The one robust model in their line-up that we highly recommend is the Tarantula Youth Armguard. Designed for youth and adults with smaller arm size, this 6-inch-long protection is patented with Tarantula's signature tech. went the extra mile to analyze whether the claims made by these brands in terms of youth size is according to industry standards. We also check whether these brands are still in the business or their models are still currently in the market to ensure