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18 X-Force Black Crossbow Blade Package

$299.99 USD
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Eastman Outdoor brought on the market a fair competitor to the Recruit line. Perfect for beginners and future hunters.
The maneuvrability and the weight of the crossbow allow you to focus on the aiming instead of worrying about the fatigue caused by holding the bow for several minutes. THe 18 X-Force Black Crossbow Blade Package will meet or exceed your expectations.
Adjustable stock to fit your length with a low draw weight to ensure you to cock the crossbow easily. Combined with the rope cocker, this crossbow is a charm to use. 
  • Speed:  320 fps
  • Draw weight: 165 lbs
  • Power stroke: 12-1/2"
  • Weight:   6.5 lbs 
  • Length:   34.5" - 36.5"
  • Width uncocked: 17-1/2"  
  • Finish: Black
Package includes:
  • Rope cocker.
  • Quick detach 3-arrow quiver.
  • (3) PileDriver 20" crossbolts.
  • 4x32 scope with (6) reticle crosshairs.
  • Rail lubricant.
  • Adjustable shoulder sling.
  • (3) 100 grain practice points.