Alpine Mako Bowfishing Bow

by Alpine

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Alpine Mako Bowfishing Bow


Picturesque scenery, beautiful temperature and you aiming at the biggest fish of your life. A scenario more than realistic if you pick the right bowfishing bow. The Alpine Mako Bowfishing Bow should be part of your scenario to put yourself at the top of the bowfishing food chain!



To build the perfect setup for bowfishing, there is no need to choose only one brand. Here is a possible bowfishing kit:  Ams Pro Retriever, OMP light stryke laser, quick draw bowfishing arrow rest, Fin finder finger saver and the OMP Fin-Finder Raider bowfishing arrow. 



  • Brace Height 6.5”,
  • Let Off: 65%
  • Axle to Axle 30.75”,
  • Draw Hand: Right Hand
  • Mass Weight: 3 lbs
  • Draw Length Range: 23"-29"
  • Draw Weight Range: 30-50 lb
  • Draw Length Modules Included: Yes
  • Cam Type: Dual
  • Riser Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Blue Water Drops Camo
  • Radial Force cams,
  • Machined aluminum limb pockets,
  • CNC machined riser.



Build to fit any shooters with its 7" of draw length adjustment. The Alpine Mako Bowfishing Bow weight only 3 pounds and approximately 6 pounds with all the equipment installed. This means that it keeps your setup lightweight to reduce fatigue and let you bowfish all day.

It features an ergonomic grip to increase your precision and has a good hand grip in case water is on your hands. Cams allow you to reduce the draw weight by 65% which increase the time you can aim your target without causing more fatigue. 

Considered by many the top of the line among bowfishing bows, the Alpine Mako Bowfishing Bow is made for success.

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