AMS Fish Hawk Bow Kit

by AMS

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AMS Fish Hawk Bow Kit


On this beautiful day that you decided to go bowfishing, nothing is better than knowing you can count on your bow to be successful. Knowing that all your focus is on aiming and not hoping that something goes wrong is priceless.



Depending on the type of water you are bowfishing in, a soft cloth is more than appropriate to clean your bow. Salty water can have an impact on your equipment.



The AMS Fish Hawk Bow Kit bowfishing bow was specially designed to have bowfishing success. The custom Whiplash Cam allows snap-shooting which generates maximum arrow speed at minimum draw lengths. The single cam also simplifies bow tuning and gives the shooter a smooth draw and release. The Fish Hawk combines a minimal let-off with the ideal draw weight. With a 30-40 pound draw weight; this makes the Fish Hawk most versatile and really user-friendly to bowfish all day long without causing fatigue to the shooter.  

The AMS Retriever Pro series reel and the AMS Tidal Wave arrow rest are installed on the bow for you. It comes with the exclusive Blue KOI Carp Camo pattern with matching string and also a matching blue, color-infused, koi carp camo fiberglass arrow with AMS Chaos point. The Safety Slide is installed for you too.


  • Draw Weight: 30-40 lbs.,
  • Draw Length: 15-30 in,
  • Axle to Axle: 35.5 in.,
  • Weight: 3.52 lbs,,
  • Single cam design,
  • Right hand only.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Koi Carp camo pattern.


AMS Fish Hawk Bow Kit Includes:

    1. Fish Hawk Bow,
    2. AMS Retriever Pro Reel,
    3. Fiberglass arrow with Chaos point,
    4. Tidal Wave rest, and Between the Banks DVD.

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