AMS The Juice Bowfishing Kit

by AMS

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AMS the juice bowfishing kit

This sport is growing every year and nothing is better than knowing you can count on your bow to be successful. Knowing that all your focus is on aiming and not hoping that something goes wrong is priceless. Either you choose instinctive or snap shooting, this bow is for you.

  • Smooth drawing,
  • Compact bowfishing bow with an adjustable draw weight from 15-50 lbs. and draw length range of 17.5-30".
  • Dual Muck Buster line pullers on the limb bolts to allow easier retrieval of stuck arrows without cutting your hands.
  •  Axle to Axle: 29.25",
  • Brace Height: 7.5",
  • Weight: 3.25 lbs.


The AMS The Juice Bowfishing Kit includes:
    • Retriever TNT Reel with 35 yards of 350-lb. Spectra line
    • Orange Chaos fiberglass arrow with Chaos point
    • Tidal Wave rest
    • String Things.




The Juice bowfishing kit is a new package offered by AMS. AMS partnered with Quest Archery on this one to bring a stout bow in a smaller package with bright orange accents with a super tough powder coated aluminum riser. The smaller structure enhances the maneuverability of the bow. 


This highly adjustable bow also offers let-offs between 60-80% for easier waits for that perfect shot. The bow weighs only 3.25 pounds without accessories. Outfitted with the excellent AMS accessories the bow is around 5 pounds. 

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