Atsko N-O-Dor Spray Refill 32 oz.

by Atsko

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Atsko N-O-Dor Spray Refill 32 oz.

Product Description:

Deodorizes clothing, hair, skin, and all wetable surfaces quickly and safely. It does so by permanently oxidizing all organic molecules into odorless, non-volatile compounds. Does not mask odors, it destroys them. You are able to remain scent-free all day. Works equally well on pet accidents, bathrooms, nurseries, and vehicles.

Product Highlights:

  • Deodorizes
  • Remain scent free all day
  • Kills odors
  • Product Specs:

    Brand/Manufacturer: Atsko
    Item Name: Atsko N-O-Dor Spray
    Vendor's Item Number: 13494
    Item UPC: 074928134949
    Attributes: Refill 32 oz.
    Primary Color: Black
    Size: 32 oz.

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