Barnett BC Revengeance Crossbow Package

by Barnett

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Barnett BC Revengeance Crossbow Package



Imagine yourself hunting this huge elk with a compact, stable and precise crossbow, generating a blistering 400 FPS  with the highest quality pieces of equipment in your hands. What is left to say?



If your strings are wearing out faster than normal with a proper using of the crossbow, please contact the manufacturer to see for replacements.



  • Shoots at 400 fps.
  • Draw weight: 145 lbs
  • Weight: 8.4 lbs.
  • Power Stroke: 18"
  • Width: 18" axle-to-axle.
  • Length of the crossbow: 34.25"  (including Stirrup)

The Barnett Revengeance Package Includes:

  •  A 4 x 32 illuminated scope,
  • A rope cocking device,
  • A side mount quiver with two 20" headhunter arrows,
  • A bristle brush retainer,
  • A string dampeners,
  • A foregrip with finger safety reminders.
  • A sample of lubewax.



    The Barnett BC Revengeance Crossbow is built on last year Vengeance model. Many improvements were made to bring this reverse draw crossbow on another level of performance. It has a new forged riser to provide more speed, a new brush arrow retention mechanism, and the new triggertech technology with a new safety mechanism.

    The Barnett BC Revengeance has been re-designed regarding its speed, noise, and vibrations but still features a composite stock with shoot through foot riser, a CRT riser for a lighter overall weight, an aluminium flight rail track for better durability, a CNC-machined picatinny rail for the scope and its reverse draw technology bow assembly for better balance. Indeed, moving the center of gravity by reversing limbs closer to the body of the hunter creates a more balanced crossbow.

    This design provides a steadier and more accurate shooting experience. By reversing the riser, reverse draw crossbow is more balanced crossbows. It brings more weight to the rear section of the crossbow instead of the front end. A must consider when you are looking for steadier shots.

    Once again this reliable brand has improved its crossbows. In addition to the stability of the reverse draw limbs system, they added a zero creep trigger to increase the feeling of shooting the Barnett BC Revengeance Crossbow. The Cam system with Crosswire string and cables combined with the limbs provide 135 ft.-lbs. of kinetic energy with 380-grain bolts (tested by Barnett) and is triggered by the 3 lbs. Zero-creep release Triggertech. All the technology featured in the Barnett BC ReVengeance generates a blazing 400 FPS powered by 18 inches power stroke with 380-grain bolts. You may expect less speed with 400-grain bolts but more kinetic energy while shooting. 

    The Crossbow is fully assembled so you won't have to worry about assembling it. The Scope is pre-tuned and sighted in.

    The included rope cocker helps you to cock more easily the 145 pounds of draw weight. 

    The Barnett BC ReVengeance is definitely a fast and precise crossbow that will offer many incredible hunting or shooting experiences.

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