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Bear Super Kodiak Bow



Astonishing design and look, the Super Kodiak has a unique feel and an unmatched smooth draw cycle. Feel the quality, feel the efficiency.



  • AMO Length: 60"
  • Draw Weight: 50 lbs, 55 lbs or 60 lbs
  • Brace Height: 8" to 9"
  • Mass Weight: 3 lbs
  • Right Handed
  • Cut-on center shelf
  • Large Profile Leather Rest Plate
  • DyanFlight 97 Flemish String (56")



This traditional recurve bow was first built in 1967 replacing the long-time popular Kodiak bow. The construction of the riser was made of two different pieces, top-quality brown and black hard rock maple giving a unique and elegant look to the now called Super Kodiak.

This model was designed and dedicated to hunting and no game can't ever resist the power of this fine recurve if shooting with a proper poundage. Although the bow was made with the hunter in mind, it can definitely be used for other purposes such as target practice and 3D archery. The Bear Super Kodiak Bow is simply a nice piece of equipment any trad shooters would like to add to their collection.

Aside from its astonishing aesthetic and power, this recurve bow is very comfortable to hold, draw and aim. 

Truly a great weapon for the intermediate or advanced archer in search of a proven traditional recurve bow.

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