Buck Bomb Rut Kit Ultimate

by Buck Bomb

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Buck Bomb Rut Kit Ultimate

Product Description:

The Buck Bomb Ultimate Rut Box Kit provides the essentials to attract a whitetail buck by appealing to his two most prominent senses: smell and sound. Kit includes: Doe 'N Estrus Bomb (use during peak rut, spray on the ground, on foliage or in the air), Scrape Generator Bomb (use from pre-rut through peak rut, spray on ground, on foliage or in the air), Forehead Gland 4oz (use over mock scrapes to imitate the scent from the forehead of a whitetail buck), ScentWicks 4-pack and Hunters Specialties Quadgrunter XT (produces fawn bleats, doe bleats, young buck grunts and mature buck grunts by adjusting the internal o-ring on the soundboard).

Product Highlights:

  • Doe 'N Estrus Bomb
  • Scrape Generator Bomb
  • Forehead Gland 4oz
  • Hunters Specialties Quadgrunter XT
  • Product Specs:

    Brand/Manufacturer: Buck Bomb
    Item Name: Buck Bomb Rut Kit Ultimate
    Vendor's Item Number: 200042
    Item UPC: 021291709915
    Primary Color: White
    Secondary Color: Orange
    Size: Kit

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