Carter 2 Moons Release 3 Finger Large

by Carter

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The Carter 2 Moons Release 3 Finger Large is one of the few products that offer a micro-adjustable clicker. Also, there’s a split moon that makes everything easy to adjust in .005” increments.

Moreover, the Carter 2 Moons Release 3 Finger Large makes it easy for you to adjust the release speed with just 2 degrees at once. This definitely offers a much better convenience and the overall quality shines because of that reason alone. It’s an important approach to have and one that does pay off very well here.

Plus, the micro-adjustable clicker is very small, yet it brings you the accuracy that you always needed from a release like this!


  • Speed adjustment by 2 degrees at a time,
  • Split moon,
  • Micro-adjustable clicker.

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