Deer Hunting Longbow Package

by October Mountain Products

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Deer Hunting Longbow Package



If you want to go for a deer hunt this season, do it in style with this customizable Deer Hunting Longbow Package featuring the powerful Ozark Hunter Longbow along with six Gold Tip Traditional arrows with feathers and three proven Zwickey Eskimo broadheads. 

Optionally, you get to choose a tab or glove, a bracer/armguard, and a quiver to your preference.

In order to string your longbow adequately, a Neet Bow Stringer is included in the package. An arrow rug rest is also part of the whole so you can shoot off the shelf. Some complimentary nocking points are also included.


Package Features


Ozark Hunter Longbow Features

  • Ozark Hunter features black fiberglass limbs with reinforced limb tips
  • Available from 40 to 55 pounds of draw weight
  • 68" in length
  • Fast Flight string compatible
  • Suggested Brace Height: 6 1/2-7 1/2"
  • Dacron string included


Note: Depending on your selection, your package may look different than what is represented on the product image.

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