Diamond Atomic Youth Bow Package

by Diamond Archery

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Diamond Archery 



  • Draw Weight: 6-29 lbs
  • Draw Length: 12-24" 
  • Right-Handed
  • Brace Height: 6"
  • ATA Length: 24"
  • Mass Weight: 1.9 lbs
  • No let-off setting
  • Aluminum machined riser
  • a single pivoting rotating module system with a dual cam 


Diamond Archery Youth Bow Package includes:

  • 3 pin Tru-Glo Apex sight
  • Hostage XL arrow rest
  • 2-piece quiver for 3 arrows
  • 3 carbon arrows


Recommended for: Youth archers

It is common knowledge that Diamond Archery Bows are extremely adjustable making it highly recommended to any level of archers. The Diamond Atomic Youth Bow is designed mainly with the youth in mind. It is made in a way to match a young beginner archer and could easily be adjusted when the archer improves. 


A bow press is unnecessary when doing the adjustments. Weight adjustment from 6 pounds to 29 pounds and a draw length adjustment anywhere between 12 inches and 24 winches are no brainer for this bow. There is even a no let-off setting on this bow for those who seek a bigger challenge.  

From a shooting standpoint, the accurate and forgiving Diamond Atomic has an IBO speed rating of 191 FPS. With that being said, this is quite fast for a youth compound bow. The draw cycle of this bow is very smooth which make it the best match for a young archer.


Anatomy of the Diamond Atomic


Setting Draw Length


Setting Draw Weight

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