Diamond Edge SB-1 Compound Bow Package

by Diamond Archery

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Diamond Archery 


Awards: Field & Stream Budget Bow Blowout Award Winner


Benefits: When you want to make every dollar count, Diamond Archery is certainly a brand that comes to mind. Picture yourself buying a bow that will suit your every needs no matter how much experience you have, a simple adjustment and you're all set. Want to pass it along to your child? This bow will grow with the changing needs of any youth archer. From a kid practicing on a target to a grown up hunting down a whitetail, the Diamond Edge SB-1 is probably the only bow you will ever need!


  • Draw Length: 15"-30”
  • Draw Weight: 7-70 lbs
  • Speed: 318 FPS
  • Mass Weight: 3.6 lbs
  • Axle to Axle: 31”
  • Brace Height: 7”
  • Let-off: 80%
  • 3 finish options: Mossy Oak Break up Country, Black Ops and Purple Blaze


The Diamond Edge SB-1 Compound Bow Package includes:

  • Three-pin TRUGLO® Apex Tundra sight
  • Octane™ Hostage XL Arrow Rest
  • Comfort wrist sling
  • Octane DeadLock Lite quiver
  • Carbon peep sight
  • Octane 5" Ultra-Lite Stabilizer
  • BCY string loop.



    The Diamond Edge SB 1 Compound Bow Package features the binary cam system, a renowned technology invented by Bowtech which overcomes the timing and synchronization issues by "slaving" one cam to the other. 

    Smooth draw cycle combined with a light structure bow increases your time to aim properly enhancing your precision. 

    The great versatility provided by the rotating cam module and the EZ-adjust pocket system makes it extremely easy to modify the draw length and draw weight settings without the use of a bow press and the bow can be handled by anyone, from kids to more advanced archers/hunters.

    The forgiveness of the Sb-1 is superior to most of its competitors.

    This compound bow, ranked in all top 10 compound bows, comes in ready-to-shoot / ready-to-hunt and is considered by many as one of the best compound bow packages in its category.

    With the power it can propel arrows, you can definitely take it out for a hunt. Use our Kinetic Energy and Momentum Calculator to know what you can hunt following the speed and weight of your arrows. 

    This is your first compound bow ever? Well, you may want to read our short topic on Buying your first Compound Bow in order to get the complete picture of what you need to know before thinking about shooting.


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    I am very satisfied with my choice. I am quite new to archery and love the adjustments on that bow. I am planning to hold on to it for many years to come.
    Richard Spears on June 5, 2017
    Impressive RTS, clearly recommending it. The binary cam system makes it smoother and doesn't need cam-timing tuning. the versatility of the EZ-adjust system makes it so simple to change settings. Take it out of the box, adjust it to your liking and shoot!
    Shawn M. on September 11, 2016
    Part of the coating was missing on the riser, I found the other day chemicals had been splashed onto the riser and removed the finish. I do love the bow, but it would be nice to get a new one with no flaws. Ray Sanders
    Ray Sanders on October 22, 2016

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