Excalibur Trailblazers Broadhead 100 gr. 3 pk.

by Excalibur

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Excalibur Trailblazers Broadhead 100 gr. 3 pk.

Product Description:

Made by Innerloc, who designed Excalibur's bestselling Bolt Cutter and X-Act crossbow broadheads. The Trailblazer creates bigger and faster blood trails without sacrifice. The Trailblazer 100 grain is specifically designed for crossbows up to 500 FPS. With a 1 3/4" blade massive channel wound, and guaranteed to not open on high speed crossbows, the Trailblazer is ideal for all shooters.

Product Highlights:

  • Designed specifically for crossbows up to 500 FPS
  • 2 3/4" 3 blade massive wound channel
  • Flatter trajectory with zero planning and less wind drag
  • Pin point long range accuracy
  • Product Specs:

    Brand/Manufacturer: Excalibur
    Item Name: Excalibur Trailblazers Broadhead
    Vendor's Item Number: 6677
    Item UPC: 626192667717
    Attributes: 100 gr. 3 pk.
    Weight: 100.000
    Pack Size: 3
    Number of Blades: 3

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