Fin-Finder Poseidon Bowfishing Bow | Bowfishing Bow

by Fin-Finder

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The Fin Finder Poseidon Bowfishing Bow has changed the game of Bowfishing with a compound bow. This bow will make you rule all waters as its namesake, Poseidon, the king of the sea. 

The Fin Finder Poseidon features advanced parallel split-limb technology to make sure the bow generates enough velocity even with only 40 lbs. of draw weight. It also has deep grooves bowfishing cams for finger shooting and to prevent string derailment. The Fin Finder Poseidon provides corrosion resistant (stainless steel hardware) features to suit the rough and rugged nature of the sport.

Its unique oscillation-reducing wave riser design leaves a great feeling to look at and to manipulate. The bow offers many sight/retriever mount locations and comes with pre-stretched strings and cables which means, if you buy the package, it’s a ready to fish out of the box bowfishing bow.


  • Axle to Axle: 31”,
  • Draw Weight: 25-40 lbs.,
  • Draw Length: 20-31”,
  • Continuous draw module for snap shooting,
  • Pre-Stretched string and cables,
  • Multiple mounting locations for sights and retrievers,
  • TEC riser,
  • Parallel limb technology,
  • Right hand only

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