Flextone Small Frame Split V Turkey Mouth Call

by Flextone

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Flextone Small Frame Split V Turkey Mouth Call

Product Description:

Flextone's versatile small-frame diaphragm calls present options so everyone can enjoy turkey calling. These calls bring familiar cuts and reeds to streamlined designs that fit comfortably in smaller palates for the best possible performance. The compact size also provides maximum control so you can get creative with your calling. The Lil' V combines a thin .003" reed with a slightly thicker V-cut .004" reed. These small variances in reed thickness and cut turn over super easy yelps, seductive clucks and purrs and demanding cuts with just the right amount of rasp.

Product Highlights:

  • Small-frame double reed with V-cut
  • Perfect for narrow palates, women and youth
  • Easy-blowing favorite for raspy yelps, cuts, clucks and purrs
  • Product Specs:

    Brand/Manufacturer: Flextone
    Item Name: Flextone Small Frame Split V
    Vendor's Item Number: FLXTK135
    Item UPC: 815097001355
    Attributes: Turkey Mouth Call
    Primary Color: Green

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