G5 C-Max Arrow Rest Black

by G5 Outdoors

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The G5 C-Max Arrow Rest is a fantastic and easy to use full 360-degree arrow containment drop-away rest is a very easy tool to use when you are looking for top quality archery solutions that make a genuine difference to the type of shots you can fire off. This is a very impressive solution; one that helps to deliver an easy to use all-metal solution for making your life easier as an archer.

Use the arm activation tool via the push button or by pulling the string, and you can make each shot that you take on much more likely to hit the target than it was intended. This top or bottom limb activated solution gives you a very impressive arrow rest that does the job intended.


  • 1”+ height and windage adjustment.
  • Top or bottom limb activated.
  • Weighs 2.7 oz.

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