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G5 T3 Crossbow Broadhead - 3 pk.

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The G5 T3 is a game changer. If missing out is a fear for you, this mechanical broadhead will end it. Its penetration is simply devastating leaving a nice blood trail and no chance to your target. The expandable blades leave deadly wounds to the animal and will be forgiving for you if you are a little off center. This is where your fear of missing ends.



Like any mechanical broadheads, it is better to keep an extra set of replacement blades in case you hit bones or rocks. 



  • Expandable steel broadhead
  • Spider clip blade retention system
  • No O-ring system
  • Cutting Diameter: 1 1/2".
  • Weight: 100 gr.



The G5 T3 Crossbow Broadhead is profiled like a field tip in the closed position to provide more accurate arrow flight. Its specific shape increases its penetration into many types of material or flesh leaving plenty of space for the blades to deploy themselves into your target.


With the retention system, the blades stay in closed position until impact. At impact, the 1 1/2" cutting diameter from the blades will leave a nice blood trail and an unforgiving wound to your target making easier to harvest your prey. 


Replacement Blades are available for the G5 T3 and are easy to interchange.