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Gold Tip Fiberglass Arrows Black

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Designed for target archery, the affordable Gold Tip Fiberglass Arrows are extremely durable, making them ideal for young archers or beginners. Balanced to keep the front of center as forward as possible to increase your performances.

These arrows can be shot with bows of 30 pounds or less. Never shoot with more than 30 pounds of draw weight or the arrow could damage the bow, break and even injured the shooter.

The Gold Tip Fiberglass Arrows are 29.5" in length and are coming with all the components installed: the fletching (2.5" vanes), the nocks, and the points glued on.



  • 6 pk
  • Length: 29.5"
  • Material: fiberglass
  • Pre-fletched with nocks and points installed
  • Not for bows over 30 lbs in draw weight
  • Very durable
  • Ideal for beginners and youth