GPO Rangetracker Rangefinder 1800 yd. w/ Angle Compensation

by German Precision Optics

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GPO Rangetracker Rangefinder 1800 yd. w/ Angle Compensation

Product Description:

The Rangetracker 1800 is a user-friendly rangefinder that ranges reflective surfaces up to 770 yards away, visual TargetFinder, SLOPE technology and 6X magnification with a 20mm objective lens. 3.7"x1.3"x3"

Product Highlights:

  • Ranges up to 770 yards on reflective surfaces
  • Visual TargetFinder
  • Slope Technology
  • 6X magnification, 20mm objective lens
  • Product Specs:

    Brand/Manufacturer: German Precision Optics
    Item Name: GPO Rangetracker Rangefinder
    Vendor's Item Number: RT1800
    Item UPC: 852885007533
    Attributes: 1800 yd. w/ Angle Compensation
    Primary Color: Green
    Magnification: 6X

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