Killer Instinct SWAT Crossbow

by Killer Instinct

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Killer Instinct SWAT Crossbow




Stalking your target like if you were a SWAT agent is a hell of a feeling. The Killer Instinct SWAT Crossbow is an innovative design, giving you a different feel while hunting or shooting and in the meantime, increasing the safety of the crossbow when manipulating.



Think twice before buying a bipod to sight in the SWAT crossbow, the foot stirrup is a retractable one giving you the option of using it as a shooting stick to ease your calibration of the scope or to increase your precision. The CONNEKT ICS (integrated cocking system) Is not compatible with the SWAT.



  • Speed: 385 FPS,
  • Power Stroke: 17.5”,
  • Draw Weight: 165 lbs.,
  • Axle to Axle: 14”,
  • Overall Length: 29”,
  • Weight: 6.9 lbs.


The Killer Instinct SWAT Crossbow Package Includes:

  • A Hawke XB30 Pro Scope,
  • A deadening string and limb suppressors,
  • 5 bolt quiver,
  • A tactical side quiver mount,
  • A quick draw rope cocker,
  • A rail lube for maintenance,
  • A single point sling
  • (6) Swat 22" bolts.



The Killer Instinct SWAT Crossbow bears completely his name. This unique design makes you feel like a SWAT tactical agent hunting your target. The soft-molded ergonomic AR-15 grip with beavertail helps contribute to the look but is mainly there to increase stability and accuracy. This type of foregrip combined to the Double Barrel System make the SWAT an unmatched crossbow for safety. 

This Double Barrel System eliminates friction and has a clear impact on accuracy. The string is literally floating freely in-between the upper and lower barrel. CST Compression Levers are responsible for this unique design. This Concealed String Technology is really specific to this crossbow. It compresses the string into the barrel resulting in a better protection of the string and a more comfortable cheek rest. It allows having a bigger power stroke (17.5") on a compact designed crossbow (29"). In addition, the Double Barrel System acts as a noise and vibration suppressor. This system also brings complete safety towards the bolts. The bolt is completely concealed in the barrel system reducing exposition and possible injuries. 

This Killer Instinct crossbow is one of the fastest with 385+ FPS for such a compact design. With an overall length of 29 inches and only 165 lbs as draw weight, the Killer Instinct won't leave you indifferent. 

It also features a smooth and efficient sniper-grade trigger system that breaks only with 2.5 lbs of pressure. 

Accessories from the package will meet your highest expectations, especially the scope which is among the best of the market for crossbows. This crossbow will keep its accuracy even at 100 yards. Included in the package, you have a deadening string and limb suppressors adding extra quietness to the SWAT.

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    Shot Whatever Animal Targeted. SWAT! I Can't express how much I'm impressed by the quality of this crossbow and how accurate it is. Outstanding experience!
    Bill J. on June 8, 2017
    The Killer Instinct Swat crossbow is as hard hitting as intimidating. My initial impression was a “wow” and I couldn’t wait to install the accessories and start shooting. Unpacking the box and checking the contents was not a disappointment as everything was there and ready to go. I purchased the bow on July 31st and received it shortly after so it wasn’t a long wait for delivery considering the fact that this item is on backorder situation due probably to demand. I ordered the unit from Hunting Bow and Mark was very professional and courteous.
    Joe on August 22, 2017

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