Neet Fred Bear Glove

by Neet

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The marketplace is replete with shooting glove options to choose from, but nothing still beats the traditionally reliable design offered by the Neet Fred Bear Glove. The modern designs of shooting gloves today offer you fancy and deceptively trendy features, but when you check online for their customer reviews, you'd realize that most of these features are questionable at worst, and inaccurate at best. Some of their features don't work, or if they do, they tend to break almost immediately. It's problems like this that the Neet Fred Bear Glove no longer want you to face.

Instead of offering artificial but unsustainable features, Neet Fred Bear Glove goes for standard tradition of quality and reliability. With the glove being made of high-quality leather material and its cowhide smoothen all throughout its tips, you get nothing but full satisfaction from your purchase. It helps, too, that the glove already comes with a wrist strap that's both adjustable and enabled with a snap buckle. Nylon stitching is its impressive, protective buffer to make sure that it can withstand the harshest of elements and continued use in the most demanding terrain. Truly, nowhere else can you get a shooting glove that's designed with such keen attention to the tradition of product perfection.


Traditional shooting glove featuring high quality leather construction, smooth cowhide tips, an adjustable snap buckle wrist strap and nylon stitching.

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