Pine Ridge Brush Buttons Black 2 pk.

by Pine Ridge

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Pine Ridge Brush Buttons Black 2 pk.

Product Description:

String silencer serves two purposes on recurve bows: quiets the noise from the string slapping on the limb and prevents sticks and leaves from getting caught between the string and limb.

Product Highlights:

  • Made of a soft, strong material that dampens noise on traditional bows
  • Prevent limbs and twigs from getting caught between the limbs and strings on recurve bows
  • Installs easily with the bow string removed from the bow
  • Product Specs:

    Brand/Manufacturer: Pine Ridge
    Item Name: Pine Ridge Brush Buttons
    Vendor's Item Number: 2729-BK
    Item UPC: 011859404314
    Attributes: Black 2 pk.
    Primary Color: Black
    Pack Size: 2

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