PSE Bow Madness Epix Package

by PSE

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The proud successor of the Bow Madness 32, PSE always deliver popular compound bows and the Epix is clearly not an exception. Feel the quality over the years of experience from PSE in compound bows with the PSE Bow Madness Epix.



  • ATA/IBO speed:  up to 340 - 332 fps
  • Brace height:  6"
  • Axle to axle:  32"
  • Let off:  80%
  • Draw length: 24" - 30"
  • Draw weight: 40 to 60 lbs. or 40 to 70  lbs
  • Mass weight:  4 lbs
  • Mass weight with the package: 5.5 lbs.
  • Maximum limb bolt turns from bottom:   13 turns
  • Cam: MH
  • DRAW HAND: Right Hand Only

The PSE Bow Madness Epix Package Includes:

  • Amp micro sight.
  • Phantom drop-away rest.
  • Spire stabilizer.
  • Raven quiver.
  • Red aluminum peep sight.
  • PSE Neoprene Sling.
  • Nock loop.



Based on the Madness 32 platform, the PSE Bow Madness Epix is made to be ready-to-shoot out of the box. Super sharp aesthetically speaking, the Epix had also great improvements this year and became a proud successor to the Madness 32.

The smooth draw and tune-ability along with its great speeds, really makes this bow an overachiever in its class.

The Epix is a true whitetail killer, perfect for the blind or tree stand with a 32” axle-to-axle, and a shooting speed up to 340 fps on a smooth draw with an amazing 80% let-off! No matter the setup you will choose, at 60 pounds of draw weight, you may expect 300 FPS and over with the Epix with 350-grain arrows, close to 300 FPS with 400-grain arrows and over 270 FPS with 450+ grain arrows and this, out of the box.

The bow features the same X force limbs that proven themselves as great limbs. The PSE cams are easy to tune for any shooters. Combined with the newly designed riser, the Epix not only look stronger but also dampened sounds and vibrations from its strength. 

The grip offers you a rest for your thumb enhancing your feel when holding the bow and making it more comfortable.

The draw cycle of the Epix stop building weight when drawing back around halfway creating a smooth draw cycle and building instead energy into limbs as you are getting into the let-off of the bow, into the valley.

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