Easton Youth Recurve Bow Archery Entry Level (Beginner, Children, Youth)

by Easton

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An entry level kit for children and families. The tab and arm guard are less for utility and more for building habits for future shooting.


A curated package with the developing young archer in mind. This package focuses on the growth of children, both in size and technique. Unlike the boots you bought for your child that they outgrew in a year; this package is priced to be replaced once the young archery reaches their teenage and adolescent bodies. Easton’s youth recurve kit is a great starting point for young archers who can’t reach a long draw length or pull heavy draw weights, and the arm guard and finger tab are essential to building habits with their non-bow equipment. This is the quintessential package for younger archers.


This package will be comfortable for shooters up to 4’10” of average athleticism. Stronger and taller youth may seek to find slightly bulkier bows to take advantage of the extra draw length. The kit comes with arrows already paired with the weight of the bow, but taller youth (5’0” and up) may find the arrows to be too short. This package can be paired with other arrows, but the recommendation is to shoot the arrows that come in the Easton Recurve Bow Kit for safety and consistency. The bow kit is ambidextrous, both LH and RH shooters can use the bow. If you do not know which handedness is correct for your child, look up “eye dominance tests”. A right eye dominant shooter will use a righthanded bow.


  • Easton Youth Recurve Bow Kit
    • One piece, ambidextrous recurve bow
    • 10-20 pounds of draw weight, maximum 26” draw length
    • 3 arrows, matched to the strength of the bow
    • Hip quiver
    • Good youth recurve bow
  • AAE Arm Guard
  • Saunders Mono Tab

This beginner package is curated with the growing youth in mind. From one of the world’s most recognizable archery equipment brand, Easton delivers a quality youth bow package that we pair with additional equipment meant to give youth archers a taste of their growing potential.

The bow is rated for 10-20 pounds, depending on draw length. Taller and stronger children should be able to handle the bow no problem, while shorter and smaller children will still be able to launch their arrows at consistent draw weights. The bow is also ambidextrous, which makes the bow a great present for children who you may not know the eye dominance of.

This package is the best bang-for-buck for the growing shooter, as it is meant to develop the habits of a future expert or enthusiast shooter. Growing children can outgrow their equipment quickly, and this bow is priced with that in mind.

Meant for children up to age 12 or 4’10”, this bow will serve a wide range of youth archers. The package includes 3 Easton arrows that will fit shooters up to 4’10”. Easton’s renowned arrow technology makes this kit a great choice. Every Olympic gold medal has been won with an Easton arrow in the past few decades.

The arrows included in the package are fit to the strength of the bow. For beginner archers, this is important as the draw weight, arrow length, and arrow stiffness (or spine) is one of the most important parts of tuning.

The included quiver, arm guard, and finger tab are all a part of a developmental aspect of the package. As shooters seek to grow in the sport, it is important for them to get in the habit early of using multiple pieces of equipment at training. Especially for children, remembering to collect all their equipment at the end of practice and organize their bags is equally important.

The arm guard is also a key piece of beginner equipment. It protects the shooter from string rash or string slap. This prevents young archers from being disheartened by the pain of having the string hit their forearm during the shooting process. While it will not immediately fix the issue with the form of the shooter, it will identify the problem before it becomes serious. It is often that young archers will be more flexible and will hyperextend their elbow into the path of the string, and the arm guard will be a good way to get out of the habit safely.

The finger tab is one of the most important parts of an archer’s equipment, as it is one of the few places the archery directly contacts to shoot the bow. Many elite archers, including Brady Ellison of Team USA put a large emphasis on the finger tab. This also protects youth archers whose fingers may not be strong enough to withstand the cutting pressure of the bowstring. Nothing is worse than buying a bow for your
child just to have them drop the sport because of some temporary pain in the shooting hand!

Overall, this package is perfect for youth archers who want to try out the hobby. Girls or boys will love the feeling of acting like their favorite fictional archer, whether it is Katniss or Hawkeye, this is a great place to start.

Pair this package with a target to keep in the backyard (as long as it is safe) and check out some of the training equipment we have on sale here for the winter months.

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