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RediEdge Original Sharpener Black

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RediEdge Original Sharpener Black

Product Description:

The original Redi-Edge Knife Sharpener is unmatched in its design and effectiveness. The convenient "stick" design gives you a sturdy grip while you use the Duromite cutters to put the perfect edge on your knife every time. The Redi-Edge Original's Duromite cutter blades are factory-set at a 40 degree inclusive angle, maintaining a consistent 20 degree double edge on your knives.

Product Highlights:

  • Stick design
  • Duromite cutters
  • 40 degree inclusive angle
  • Product Specs:

    Brand/Manufacturer: RediEdge
    Item Name: RediEdge Original Sharpener
    Vendor's Item Number: REO198-BL
    Item UPC: 616685340708
    Attributes: Black
    Primary Color: Black