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We will be closed on Monday, May 29th in observance of Memorial Day and continue our operations on Tuesday, May 30th.

Take Down Archery Youth Kit October Mountain Adventure 2.0 (complete package)

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This is a youth kit that introduces the takedown recurve bow. Shooters will better understand how each component interacts with the shooter.


This is a premium youth package with the dedicated young archer in mind. This package emphasizes the growth of children’s technique and skill with a variety of accessories that are staples at the competitive level. Meant for youth archers, this package will last into their early teenage years – at least until they get too good and ask for upgrades! This youth beginner bow kit is a great starting point for young archers who haven’t fully grown or developed their strength. This is the quintessential package for younger archers looking to continue archery for a long time.


  • October Mountain Adventure 2.0 Recurve Bow
    • Three piece take-down design for easy storage
    • Equipped with sight, plunger and stabilizer bushings
    • Ideal for most archers from ages 10 and older
    • Slim grip design
  • October Mountain Youth Fiberglass Arrows (3pk)
  • Neet Shelf and Plate Silencer
  • October Mountain Adventure Tab
  • AAE Arm Guard
  • WNS Axiom Jr Bowsight

This intermediate youth package is curated with the developing young archer in mind. Built around October Mountain’s excellent beginner bow system, this is the best entry-level take down recurve bow package we could curate.

The bow has multiple options for length, which will suit many sizes of archers. From taller to shorter, there is an option for all – just check out the guide on selection bow length. The bow comes in left or right handedness, so ensure your shooter knows their dominant eye. A right eye dominant shooter should shoot a right-handed bow. Don’t know how to check? We have a guide to finding your eye dominance.

This package is best for archers that are likely committed to the sport but are still at the beginner stages of shooting, as it is meant to develop the habits of a future expert or enthusiast shooter. Many pieces of this equipment were selected with the purpose of beginner to dedicated youth archers.

Meant for ages 14 and up, the small sizes of the bow are appropriate for even 10 years old and up. The package includes 3 arrows that will fit shooters up to a draw length of approximately 25”. The ideal draw length would be between 20”-24”. These youth fiberglass arrows are meant for beginning archers and can be upgraded when the archer sees fit.

These arrows fit a wide range of draw weights, which is great for a growing archer as they increase their strength and their bodies grow. For beginner archers, this is important as the draw weight, arrow length, and arrow stiffness (or spine) is one of the most important parts of tuning. The multi-colored vanes make it easy to identify which direction to nock the arrow onto the string.

The included arrow shelf, arm guard, sight and finger tab are all a part of a developmental aspect of the package. As shooters seek to grow in the sport, it is important for them to get in the habit early of using multiple pieces of equipment at training. Especially for children, remembering to collect all their equipment at the end of practice and organize their bags is equally important.

The Axiom bow sight is a well-known option for shooters to begin training with a sight. Adjustable in 3 axes, the sight allows the archer to aim at a target with a pin and adjust as the grouping shifts. Archery verbiage says to “follow the arrow” meaning that if the bow is shooting up and to the left, move the sight up and to the left! Set up is simple, many archers only need to remove the main sight body off of the mount between practices.

Included in the package is a Neet shelf and silencer, a slick and consistent surface for the arrow to shoot off. Consistency is key here and having an arrow shelf is one of those ways. Easy application and durable, this arrow shelf matches the intention of this bow package: entry-level consistent shooting to build technique and form.

The arm guard is also a key piece of beginner equipment. It protects the shooter from string rash or string slap. This prevents young archers from being disheartened by the pain of having the string hit their forearm during the shooting process. While it will not immediately fix the issue with the form of the shooter, it will identify the problem before it becomes serious. It is often that young archers will be more flexible and will hyperextend their elbow into the path of the string, and the arm guard will be a good way to get out of the habit safely.

The finger tab is one of the most important parts of an archer’s equipment, as it is one of the few places the archery directly contacts to shoot the bow. Many elite archers, including Brady Ellison of Team USA put a large emphasis on the finger tab. This also protects youth archers whose fingers may not be strong enough to withstand the cutting pressure of the bowstring. Nothing is worse than buying a bow for your child just to have them drop the sport because of some temporary pain in the shooting hand!

Overall, this package is perfect for youth archers who consider archery a long-term hobby. Girls or boys will love the feeling of acting like their favorite fictional archer or competitive archer. Whether it is Katniss Everdeen or Brady Ellison, this bow package will give youth archers a lot of room to grow before they ultimately will decide where their archery paths will take them in the future.

Pair this package with a target to keep in the backyard (as long as it is safe).