Tenpoint Lady Shadow Crossbow

by TenPoint

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The TenPoint Lady Shadow Crossbow combines a compact XLT bow assembly with a hot pink string and cables and a Carbon Fiber Barrel that increase maneuverability.

The Lady Shadow is available with the ACUdraw crank device. This patented cocking mechanisms will do its job perfectly and makes cocking the crossbow even more effortless.

When cocked, the Lady Shadow delivers an impressive 328 FPS at launch and generates 104 ft.-lbs. of Kinetic Energy (KE) with 435-grain Magnum XX75 bolts leaving no chance to any legal hunts. When using 370-grain Pro Lite bolts, the Lady Shadow can shoot up to 350 FPS and 101 ft-lbs of KE. Basically, lighter arrows generate more speed but slightly less KE. No matter what ammunition you choose, this crossbow offers plenty of both to harvest any game you can imagine.

It's compact and narrow design will be an advantage in tight hunting places and also a great asset for smaller frame shooters. 

The 3.5 lbs. auto-engaging safety trigger housed in a lightweight machined aluminum trigger box adds more safety to the crossbow.

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies is 100% USA owned, operated, and all its crossbow models are manufactured in Mogadore, OH.


  • Shoots up to 350 fps with Pro Lite Arrows and up to 328 fps with Magnum XX75.
  • 180 lb. draw weight,
  • 104 Ft-lbs. of Kinetic energy
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs
  • Width - Axle-to-Axle: 17.5" (uncocked) 13.5" (cocked)
  • Power stroke: 12.6" 
  • Length: 34.5" with foot stirrup
  • Finish: Muddy Girl Camo
  • Manufacturer's Warranty (Register your Crossbow)


The Tenpoint Lady Shadow Crossbow Package Includes

  • TenPoint 3x Pro-View 2 scope.
  • AcuDraw cocking aid.
  • Instant detach 3-Arrow quiver.
  • 3-pack of TenPoint Aluminum arrows with practice points.
  • 7/8" bracket.
  • Owner's instructions DVD.
  • Window sticker.

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