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TenPoint Pro Elite Bolts

TenPoint Pro Elite Bolts 20"


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Made of Carbon and weighing a total of 425 grains with 100-grain field point included, the 20" long TenPoint Pro Elite Bolts come with 68-grain brass inserts for an increased forward of center and Omni nocks. Those high quality bolts are fletched with 3.5 inches long Q2i Fusion X-II vanes. 



  • Material: Carbon
  • Length: 20"
  • Weight: 425 grain total (inclusive of 100-gr. point)
  • Brass insert
  • Omni nock
  • Straightness tolerance: +- 0.003"
  • Weight tolerance: +- 2 gr.
  • Fletched with 3.5" vanes

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