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If you want a brand new 2017 crossbow without breaking the bank, the American made TenPoint Renegade Crossbow is what you are looking for!

At 165 pound of draw weight, this crossbow can blast arrows up to 335 foot per second depending on which arrows you decide to shoot.

The Pro Elite bolts that come along with this package are 425-grain and will be propelled at 315 fps, although this is about 20 fps less than the maximum speed this weapon can reach, this heavier arrow will generate 94 ft-lbs of Kinetic Energy (KE) being way more than enough to take down any kind of game on American territory. The Pro Lite bolts, like the name suggests, are lighter at 370 grain and will be expelled at 335 fps but note that the KE will slightly be reduced by generating 92 ft-lbs. Although speed is impressive, Kinetic Energy and Momentum are to be favored for game hunting.

Like many TenPoint Crossbows, the Renegade comes with a choice of cocking mechanism. Either you get the ACUdraw 50 or the ACUdraw or no cocking device at all. If you prefer a rope cocking device, opt in for the ACUdraw 50 and if you are sold on crank devices than your choice should settle on the ACUdraw. Both patented cocking mechanism are efficient, well made and nicely integrated to the stock of the crossbow. 



  • 315 FPS with Pro Elite bolts (425 grain) and up to 335 FPS with Pro Lite arrows (370 grain)
  • 94 FP Kinetic Energy
  • 165 lb. draw weight
  • 7 lb. crossbow weight
  • Axle-to-Axle Width: 21.5" uncocked and 18.5" cocked
  • 12.25" power stroke
  • 37.875" total length (with stirrup)
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The TenPoint Renegade Package includes:

  • TenPoint 3x Pro-View 2 scope
  • 3 arrow instant detach quiver
  • 3-pack of TenPoint Pro Elite carbon arrows
  • Cocking Device: Choice of ACUdraw 50, ACUdraw or no cocking mechanism


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