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TRU Ball Fulkrum Flex Release

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The TRU Ball Fulkrum Flex Release is a high-quality release aid made out of brass with an enclosed part for the index finger and an adjustable thumb peg.

This release can be used with a click if desired which can be set for a slow click or a fast click.

The Fulkrum Flex features an adjustable pivot point to fit the shooting style of the archer along with a lever alignment system.

The release comes with a 3rd and a 4th finger so it can be customized to preference. 

The archer can adjust the finger grips with a 15 degrees angle in each direction for optimal comfort.



  • Made of brass
  • Enclosed index finger
  • Lever alignment system
  • Pivot point can be adjusted
  • Thumb peg can be adjusted
  • Finger grips can be adjusted up to 15 degrees in each direction
  • Can be used as a 3-Finger or 4-Finger release

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