Vapor Trail Blade X Arrow Rest

by Vapor Trail

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The Vapor Trail Blade X Arrow Rest is a fully micro-adjustable spring steel stationary rest with almost limitless options.

The Blade X can fit 8 different blade sizes; .008", .010", .012" and .015" in both wide and narrow patterns so you can shoot the bigger target arrows as well.

The blade is recessed into the shaft with no tolerance issues, you can replace one blade by another one and it will be located in the exact same spot without the need to entirely retune.

The Vapor Trail Blade X rest is retro fitted with the Limb Driver Micro Elite model so pieces can be swapped back and forth from a model to the other.

The whole rest is micro-adjustable in both windage and elevation with just a set screw; simply unlock the shaft to run your micro adjustment to the desired blade angle and lock it back down.



  • Includes .010" and .012" narrow blades.
  • Blades are compatible with the Limb Driver Micro Elite
  • The Blade X offers an “exact fit” slot to accommodate 8 different blade sizes and types (.008”, .010”, .012”, .015” in both wide and narrow tips)
  • The blade angle is also completely micro-adjustable
  • By simply removing the windage bolt and swapping nosepieces, the same main adjustment system can utilize both blade systems allowing you to shoot either a limb driven setup or a spring steel setup without purchasing an entirely separate rest.

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