Velocity Raven Crossbow Package

by Velocity

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This light and fast Velocity Raven Crossbow comes in fully equipped and ready to go for a hunt.

The package includes the noise reducing accessories for quieter shooting in hunting situations.

This crossbow also features a safety that can be switched side for left handed shooters.

Enough power to hunt any game you can imagine with its 110 foot-pounds of KE this would surely be a nice addition to your arsenal for the next hunting season.

This crossbow package is the proof that you don't need a four digit price tag to get a powerful and easy-to-handle high-quality crossbow. 

This season, get heavier power without lightening your wallet!



  • Draw Weight: 175 lbs
  • Speed: 350 fps
  • Kinetic Energy: 110 ft. lbs
  • Total Length: 35”
  • Width: 23”
  • Weight: 7.8 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 15”
  • DFI (Dry Fire Inhibitor)


The Velocity Raven Crossbow Package includes:

  • Illuminated 4x32 Reticle Scope  
  • A Quiver
  • 3 Bolts
  • A Padded Sling
  • Rail Lube
  • A Cocking Rope.


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