Wicked Ridge Carbon Bolts 20" - Wicked Ridge Ranger Bolts 18"

by Wicked Ridge

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The 20" Wicked Ridge Carbon Bolts are specifically designed for Wicked Ridge Crossbows. Those bolts, weighing a total of 400 grains, are fitted with neon green Omni-Nocks, 87-grain brass inserts and fletched with 3 inches Fusion Shield cut Q21 vanes.

The 18" Wicked Ridge Ranger Bolts are exclusively designed for the Wicked Ridge Ranger and Lady Ranger Crossbows. The bolts, weighing a total of 350 grains, are fitted and fletched with the same components than the 20" bolts with Superbrite Omni-Nocks. 

Both types deliver outstanding accuracy and performance in the field. 



  • Made of Carbon
  • Length: 20" and 18" for Ranger crossbows
  • Weight: 400 gr. and 350 gr. for Ranger crossbows (inclusive of 100-grain field point)
  • Available in 3 pack and 6 pack
  • Fletched 3" vanes
  • Omni-Nock
  • Brass insert

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