Best Compound Crossbows

The popularity of compound crossbows is growing up year after year, new brands are showing up with new technology (Reverse draw limbs) and veteran brands are trying to keep up their advance, making your new interest into Compound Crossbows a complete mayhem of choices and possibilities. Compound Crossbows are definitely a big investment so you want to know what is the best crossbow for the money to feel that each of your bucks count.

The best compound crossbows article is based on the criteria explained in our previous article about how to select a crossbow. Accordingly, before going any further I would recommend you to have a look, if not already done, on our post about How to choose a Crossbow so you will have a better understanding of what follows.

Tip: Any package you might be interested in, I suggest you to consider buying extra bolts for hunting purpose. You might break your bolts if it’s your first time shooting. Almost none of the package available on the web has broadheads included. Keep that in mind when you are ready to purchase.

Tip: Most of the modern crossbows need the string to be waxed to avoid wearing out too quickly. The velocity generated by the modern crossbows ask more maintenance toward the string and the rail. Lubewax is then a good investment. It's recommended to wax after every 5 shots. 


Top 10 Crossbows – Compound Crossbows summary

Model Reviewed Cocking draw weight Stroke Velocity Suggested arrow length Crossbow uncocked | Weight Cocking device Hunting Deer

Barnett Ghost 410

185 lbs. 15.375” 410 FPS 22” 21.875" | 7.3 lbs. Rope Cocking Included Yes

Barnett Ghost 360

165 lbs. 14” 360 FPS 20” 22”| 7 lbs. Rope Cocking Included Yes

Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow

185 lbs. 13.5” 370 FPS 20” 18”| 7.9 lbs. Rope Cocking Included Yes

Tenpoint Vapor

165 lbs.


360 FPS


17.5”| 6.8 lbs.

Rope Cocking  Included


SAS Beowulf

175 lbs.


360 FPS


19”| 6.5 lbs.

Rope Cocking  Included


Wicked Ridge Invader G3

 165 lbs.


 330 FPS


22.6”| 6.9 lbs.

No Rope Cocking Included


Killer Instinct Furious 370

 185 lbs.


 370 FPS


 17.5”|7.2 lbs.

Rope Cocking  Included


Carbon Express Intercept

175 lbs.


360 FPS


17”| 7.8 lbs.

Rope Cocking  Included


Barnett Jackal

150 lbs.


315 FPS


26.5” | 7.7 lbs.

No Rope Cocking  Included


Barnett Buck Commander Extreme

185 lbs.


365 FPS


 16.75”| 7.1 lbs.

Rope Cocking  Included



Barnett ghost 410 CRT crossbow package

Best Compound Crossbows - Barnett Ghost 410 Crossbow

Awards: Bestseller on every platform, Fastest crossbow among compound crossbows. Best quality for the money mid-high range priced.

All these awards bring this crossbow on the top of the list for your next purchase. With a 410 FPS shooting power and a lightweight weight of 7.3 pounds make the ghost 410 a deadly hunting weapon for every type of games. Its compact design and its lighter cocking weight make the Barnett ghost 410 a prime crossbow in tight hunting spaces.

The package will allow shooting and hunting almost out of the box. It comes already mounted with a sling, a rope cocking device, (3) 20” headhunters bolts and a (3) arrow quiver. The crossbow can support 22 inches bolts.

To assemble the crossbow, it is pretty simple since the manual is pretty clear about the steps to follow. Just make sure that everything is tightened and properly mounted.

If budget is not an issue to you, this is perfect for experienced or beginner crossbow shooter. With almost no flaws, this crossbow is a high ranked crossbow on the market.


  • 15.4 inches power stroke for 410 FPS
  • Compact design for tight hunting places
  • Accuracy stays even with distance (60-70 yards)
  • CRT riser make the xbow more balanced


  • Bit noisy due to the high velocity 


    Barnett Ghost 360 CRT Crossbow Package

    Best Compound Crossbows - Barnett Ghost 360 Crossbow

    Awards: Best mid-range priced crossbow of its category. Quietest crossbow for the money

    With a 360 FPS shooting power, a 165 lbs. cocking weight and a lightweight weight of 7 pounds for a compound crossbow, the Barnett Ghost CRT 360 is undeniably a serious choice for the $500-$600 range price. Those three characteristics are important for hunting situations. A lighter weight crossbow will be crucial to hold longer in a shooting situation.

    It comes with an illuminated scope (Green or Red light with brightness levels available) which is very easy to use. The stock is already ready for crank devices. Besides the scope, the standard package includes 3 20” Headhunter bolts with a 3 bolt quiver, a sling, and a rope cocking device.

    Barnett makes assembly easy. To assemble this crossbow, you have to install the cable slide and then mount the riser onto the stock. After simply mount the scope and quiver and you are ready to hit the archery range.

    The carbon riser technology, the efficient speed, and its quiet shooting make the ghost CRT 360 the best mid-range priced crossbow to its category.


    • Quieter than most of the compound crossbow
    • Light and compact designed for hunting use
    • Well balanced crossbow (front vs rear)
    • Light cocking weight
    • Anti-dry fire mechanism


    • The scope might be the first thing you want to improve

    The Ghost 360 was replaced by the Barnett Ghost 375 crossbow making the 360 more difficult to find nowadays.


      Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow

      Best Compound Crossbows - Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow

      Awards: Best entry level for the money; Fastest entry level crossbow for the money

      With a 370 FPS shooting velocity and a low price like that, you might wonder if this is a mistake. A bit heavier than the previous two listed above with a 7.9 pounds, but not heavy enough to influence your shots. With an average cocking weight for a 370 FPS compound crossbow, the Sniper 370 crossbow stands out among others entry level crossbows.

      It comes with an Illuminated 4×32 scope, a four-arrow quiver, a cocking rope, a shoulder sling, 3 20” carbon bolts, the owner’s manual and a warranty card.

      To assemble this crossbow, you might need help from a more experienced shooter or a tech guy from a pro-shop. The manual’s owner lacks precision toward how to assemble the crossbow, but it still understandable.

      After assembled, you will be amazed by its power and leave you satisfied with your purchase. All game hunts are possible; clearly, deserve a hard thinking if you have a tight budget.


      • Good value for the features
      • Speed allows every game hunts
      • Outstanding versatility for different shooter size (adjustable stock and forearm)


      • Slightly heavy in front
      • May look cheap but isn’t
      • Instruction to assemble vague but manageable
      • Entry level bolts, good but not using full potential of the crossbow


        Tenpoint Vapor Crossbow Package

        Best Compound Crossbows - Tenpoint Vapor Crossbow

        Awards: Best of its category in upper range priced crossbows.

        A pricey crossbow or course but if money is not a problem, don’t even to bother to look around. This masterpiece has only one flaw. It doesn’t come with a padded sling. Otherwise, none of the competition reaches the quality of the Tenpoint vapor crossbow. With 360 FPS, you will have plenty of power to shoot the biggest game in North America. Its dual limbs design make this crossbow one of the most compact on the market when cocked (12,6") 

        It comes with a complete package. The package includes a TenPoint Rangemaster Pro scope mounted, aluminum 7/8” fixed dovetail mount, instant detach 3-arrow quiver, 6 packs of Pro V22 carbon arrows, a deluxe soft crossbow case, Bowjax crossbow noise dampening kit and SDS (string dampening system). An instructional DVD. Be reassured that every penny invested in the vapor will worth it.

        20 minutes might be necessary to assemble this crossbow; the instructional video will make it easier.

        The vapor doesn’t leave anyone indifferent, again if the budget is not an issue to you. Do not hesitate to try this masterpiece.


        • Unmatched compact design for hunting use
        • Very quiet crossbow
        • Outstanding Accuracy (Great scope)
        • Well balanced crossbow


        • No sling included


        SA Sports Empire Crossbow Beowulf Package

        Best Compound Crossbows - SA Sports Empire Crossbow

        Awards: Smoothest trigger for entry level Crossbow. 

        The Empire Beowulf is a compact designed crossbow that features a cocking weight of 175 lbs, 360 FPS and weight only 6.5 lbs. Three excellent assets for entry-level crossbows. 

        It comes with a claw lever latch quick detach quiver, (3) carbon arrows (Good Quality), 4x32 Multi-range scope and a rope cocking device.

        To assemble the crossbow, it is pretty simple since the manual is pretty clear about the steps to follow. Just make sure that everything is tightened and properly mounted. It should take you about 20 minutes.

        This crossbow is made for tight budgets but for people who desire a powerful crossbow without letting all their money on it. 


        • Easy to assemble
        • Lightweight and Quiet
        • Full-barrel Picatinny rail for accessories
        • Awesome trigger feels


        • Short warranty


            Wicked Ridge Invader Crossbow Package

            Best Compound Crossbows - Wicked Ridge Invader Crossbow

            Awards: Most popular mid-range level crossbow. Best reviews by users.

            With Tenpoint behind its design, the wicked ridge invader crossbow package has nothing to envy to others. With 330 FPS velocity power, the quietest and smoothest T-2 trigger technology, this crossbow will be a great asset for hunting turkey, deer and the small large game like a brown bear. Weight won’t be an issue with a light weight of 6.6 pounds and a cocking weight of 165 pounds.

            It comes with a TenPoint 3x multi-line scope, an instant detach 3-arrow quiver, 3 Wicked Ridge carbon bolts and an ACU-52 self-retracting rope cocking system.

            Take time to read the manual’s owner to assemble appropriately the crossbow. Sight-in the crossbow will be necessary.

            Many users have a great opinion of this crossbow. The price makes this crossbow a serious option for serious hunters.


            • Safety efficient
            • Very quiet crossbow
            • Outstanding smoothness trigger
            • Backed with Tenpoint technology


            • No rope cocking device
            • Scope is not an illuminated one


              Killer Instinct Furious 370 Crossbow

              Best Compound Crossbows - Killer Instinct Furious 370 Crossbow

              Awards: Best for trigger quietness and smoothness. Best value for mid-high range priced crossbows. Best compact design crossbow for mid-high range priced crossbow.

              High speed crossbow with 370 FPS and an ultra-compact design. Features a folding foot stirrup and adjustable stock along with Deadening noise and vibration silencers for a quieter shot. FRT version features the trigger tech frictionless release technology which delivers a precise 2 lb. trigger pull.

              It comes with a 3 bolts quiver with side mount, a rope cocker, a rail lube and (3) 20” bolts. The scope is a KI LUMIX multi-reticle score with blue/green rheostat illumination and deadening limb and string suppressors. 

              Take time to read the manual’s owner to assemble appropriately the crossbow. Sight-in the crossbow will be necessary.

              Clearly, underestimate in many ranking but the killer instinct furious 370 crossbow says it all. No doubt, the best value for the price.


              • Quiet and smooth frictionless trigger technology
              • Very affordable for the quality
              • Outstanding Stock adjustability
              • Excellent compact design for hunting use


              • Maybe a bit heavy for the price


                Carbon Express Intercept Supercoil Crossbow

                Best Compound Crossbows - Carbon Express Intersect

                Awards: Most reliable mid-high range crossbow. Most customizable crossbow of its category.

                Definitely, encompass accuracy and power with 360 FPS of velocity. It’s a Compact high-speed crossbow (13.5” cocked), that shares many of the features with the Axon LT, but in a lighter weight version. Features military AR style design and is capable of utilizing most AR-15 accessories.

                It comes with a rope cocker, 3 bolt quiver, (3) Maxima hunter bolts, Rail lube, and 4X32 Illuminated Multi-Reticle scope.

                The fact that it’s a highly customizable crossbow will have an impact on the time to assemble this crossbow. Be reassured that it will worth this extra time to assemble.

                The Carbon Express intercept supercoil crossbow won’t let you down at short distances and even in long range shots.


                • Highly customizable design
                • Very affordable for the quality
                • Outstanding stock adjustability
                • Fast and accurate


                • Assemble is longer than most common crossbows


                  Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

                  Best Compound Crossbows - Barnett Jackal Crossbow

                  Awards: Most popular crossbow for beginners with its Barnett jackal specs. Best value for the money.

                  The Jackal is the king of the hill for beginner crossbows. With an impressive 315 FPS with a low cocking weight of 150 lbs, no doubt these are features for beginners. A bit heavier but at that price, you must have a hard look at the Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package. The Jackal is the best crossbow to start hunting with if you ever touched a crossbow before.

                  It comes with (3) 20″ arrows with attachable field points, a red-dot sight, a detachable quiver for your bolts, a quiver attachment platform, all the hex keys necessary, bolts and screws required for assembly, the instruction & safety manual and a warranty card (5 years, limited)

                  Remember Barnett makes it easy to assemble their crossbows. The Jackal is one of the easiest to assemble so you can hit quickly the range field few minutes after it’s out of the box.

                  The Barnett Jackal specs and its affordable price make undeniably this crossbow a serious choice if you want to start hunting like a serious hunter. The jackal is simply the most sold crossbow on the market.


                  • Most popular for beginners
                  • Very affordable for the quality
                  • Excellent safety mechanism
                  • Package includes almost everything necessary for beginners to start immediately


                  • No cocking device in the package (the only thing missing)
                  • A bit heavy but not a big deal

                    Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow

                    Best Compound Crossbows - Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow

                    Awards: Best crossbow for hunting for mid-high range priced crossbow.

                    The Barnett buck commander crossbow should get your attention. With a 365 FPS, power won’t be a problem. It comes also with a lighter riser which brings the weight more to the stock and enhances the steadiness in your shots. The crossbow comes with a rope cocking device which makes the 185 lbs of cocking weight much easier to crank.

                    It comes with a 3 bolt quiver, (3) 20” Arrows, a rope cocking device, and 3x32 Scope illuminated scope.

                    If nothing goes wrong when you assemble the buck commander extreme, it should take you around 20 minutes to assemble.

                    The name says it all. The buck commander was created for hunting. If this is your main intention, you should seriously consider this crossbow. Just needs some broadheads and you are ready to go.


                    • Good looking Crossbow
                    • Good accuracy even at 60 yards
                    • Made for hunting


                    • Might be hard to assemble if Bolthole is not fitting the screws. (Under warranty if the case)



                      Feel free to leave any comments toward this review. I could do a top 20 compound crossbows but as I mentioned in the introduction if you read our different articles, you will be able to analyze yourself any crossbow on the market. If you want me to review a specific compound crossbow, don’t hesitate to ask

                      Thank you for reading us and don’t hesitate to leave any comment below.

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