Best Free Hunting Apps

Will an App be hunting for you one day? Hopefully not but they will be there to help you be more successful in all your hunts. This article about the best free hunting apps is an overview of different apps for hunting that might simplify your life.

The technology should not replace the skills of humans but can clearly ease your life and help you learn faster. It is also a way as our ancestors did with writings to keep the knowledge accessible for everybody.

Fighting against technology is a useless fight. It is there to stay and is developing in a rhythm almost impossible to follow. The goal is to know how to make the difference between the right apps from the scam apps. The web is clearly the new American dream for many of us. Many apps are born but this not means that they are all good for you.

My main advice toward this new technology is to stay a critic about what is offered to you. It is always a good idea to read a few reviews about the apps before thinking of downloading it. You should find a source in which you can trust their opinions. 

If there is a free trial, do not hesitate to try it before going any further. Test their customer service to know if you will have a good support if you need some help.

One question remains, why should you use an app for? Honestly, there are no reasons why you should use an app except to ease your life. It is pretty much the function of technology, to bring us to make fewer efforts as possible to reach results. It has its pros and cons but this is not the goal of this article.

Best Free Hunting Apps

I dug into the Web to select few apps that deserve your attention if you are more of a techno guy. Each of them can bring you something specific in each stage of the hunting process. There are of course many more apps on the Web that could interest you but they ask little to a lot of money to download. 

Hunting apps should contain the following to be considered as functional:

  • See info and detailed maps of your hunting areas. Being able to see an overall picture of your hunting area helps you to determine the movements of your game and learn their pattern of moving.
  • Create personal pages allowing to follow your progress and hunting data. Creating a complete log of data is the best tool to know the best times to hunt your selected game. Using tools that let you examine and understand your hunting areas will significantly increase your hunting success. 
  • View and share your hunting area maps with your hunting partners. Safety will always be a priority. Some apps offer you to connect yourself to other members of the same party to know their position and avoid injuries.

Those features will allow you to develop a scheme to help gather crucial data to determine the best time to hunt or fish in your selected area. Hunting apps help you to take the guess works out of the equation and increase your hunting experience.

Tip: Cell phone apps means battery depleting at a fast rate. We all know how long can be hunting so you might have to look into solar chargers to increase your battery life.

This article contains only free hunting apps to give you an idea of which one you could invest a little more money in afterward. Some are available on iPhone only, some are IOS only and some are available on both platforms. These free deer hunting apps are also good for any other types of legal game in North America.



 best free hunting apps - huntstand

Apple: yes

Android: yes

Huntstand is one of the most popular and free apps for hunters. The HuntStand app can combine GPS satellite mapping, data analytics, and land-management functionality. It says it can works online (of course) but also offline by caching maps and weather, game, and asset data to users’ phones. That last element is really helpful as we all know how hard it is to keep the data on when you are on hunting ground.

The apps have a clear command center that provides a simple interface to bring you anywhere into the apps.

The following are the functions offered with Hunstand:

  • Map out your hunting areas with custom icons
  • Add shapes like food plots and boundaries
  • Add lines like roads and trails
  • Track and Analyze harvests and sightings
  • Filter your scout findings by time and type
  • Attach photos and videos to your map objects
  • Monitor wind speed and direction over time
  • Measure the area of food plots and much more
  • Measure distances between objects
  • Access weather forecasts
  • Check the solunar calendar
  • Sync your info with your profile
  • Share your maps with hunting friends
  • Create and manage a profile, and friend other hunters
  • View multiple advanced mapping base layers and overlays

Three main functions are available with this apps. 

First, wind speed and wind directions for the selected area for the next 72 hours is incredibly useful to show the hunter where his scent will be blown at the specific time and areas selected. It will also show you where your scent won't be blown. That 72 hours can be split into 12 hours segment that corresponds to the time you determined to be the most successful to hunt in your area. That simple function will increase your hunting success by 100%.

Second, a detailed weather forecast for the selected area. Weather conditions are often day and night while hunting and Huntstand provide all the necessary info for the next 72 hours. 

Finally, they offer a solunar page that includes sunrise/set and moonrise/set information as well as the AM/PM major and minor feeding times. This information will help any hunters to plan better their hunting trips.

This free app should clearly be on your top of the list.


ActInNature Hunting

best free hunting apps - actinnature

Apple: yes

Android: yes

This App offers a nice safety map. This app allows you to see where exactly your partners are. It also means that it shows you where you can shoot safely. On your screen, as you are watching the safest spot to shoot, there is an icon showing you the wind direction and its speed. You can then determine where your scent will be blown.

One of the features of the app allows you to send to other members of your party, what you just saw or shot. 

It also gives you the sunset and sunrise information for the selected area. 

This app is really about keeping track of your bodies and all the info you want to gather on your hunting ground. It is easy to use with a clear interface.



 where to hunt app

Apple: yes

Android: yes

Get an edge on other hunters by especially knowing where NOT to hunt. Whether you hunt public land or own private land there are tools within the Where to Hunt app that will help you avoid other hunters, provide comfort in knowing where your hunting party is and, as a result, increase your hunting experience by seeing more deer and fewer hunters! This GPS Hunting App helps you to see other Hunters and will provide you with much crucial information to find the best spot for you to hunt. It acts as a digital beacon telling other hunters to stay away. It gives you also other hunters that already claimed their spot so you can tell before getting on the land if it worth spending your time there. 

The application comes with in-app purchase for PRO version.


iHunt Hunting Calls and Fishing Times 

best free hunting apps - ihunt calls

Apple: yes

Android: yes

An interesting app for hunting calls and fishing times. It was created to help you to determine the best hunting times and the best fishing times. It features 47 species from Buffalo calls to coyotes for over 600 calls to help any hunter get their trophy in sight. This is specific to this app and makes a nice difference for a free app. The interface is simple so everybody can navigate easily through all options.

You can track your trophy and share with friends. Most apps offer this feature nowadays to stay connected with everybody.

This app also offers the best time to hunt or fish with all the necessary info like the major and minor periods of feeding. You can check when is sunrise or sunset. It also shows you different tides for fishing. This feature should increase your hunting experience and increase your hunting success.

The weather is available with a simple interface to watch the forecast for the next days. It includes a compass to find your spot.

The different calls should deserve your attention if you are looking for a complete app for free.


ScoutLook DeerLog 

best free hunting apps - scoutlook deerlog

Apple: yes 

Android: yes

ScoutLook DeerLog used to be a buyable app but now is free to download. It is a nice alternative for Huntstand. It gives you pinpoint weather so you don't have to worry and can prepare adequately before heading to your hunting spot. The cone scent function also helps you to prepare your hunts.

The App features solunar times and moon data to maximize your analysis of the best moments to hunt.

Their Deer logging system that records all weather data automatically is the perfect tool to encompass all data to determine the best moments to hunt on your selected area. All the data are accessible for free online on their website.

This app will help you to take the guesswork out of the equation.


Quiver Hunting Journal 

best free hunting apps - quiver hunting journal

Apple: yes

Android: yes

This App offers you a Log deer movement to understand the effect of time and weather on game activity. It allows you to record important events to get a complete picture of the day's hunt and capture your most important moments and even share them with your friends.

It features real-time weather conditions for your hunting spot. The interface is really easy to manipulate so you can track key events from the stand in just a few taps.

Wind direction and speed is one its features. You will also find data about sunrise and sunset times or moon phase. Barometric pressure is available on this application for more precise forecasts.

This app allows you to build a timeline of your hunts to understand the activity of your game.


RealTree Archery Tips 

best free hunting apps - Realtree archery tips

Apple: yes 

Android: yes

Realtree is dedicated to delivering the highest quality content directly to your mobile device. Everything from tips and tools to games all right at your fingertips. It is easy to swipe through the deck and find the information you need to become a better bowhunter.

Every subject is covered from shooting techniques and tips, setups, to gears. It's all right in the palm of your hand which is really useful when you want to prepare your next hunting trips.

The app features the following:

  • The most important & useful bow tips right at your fingertips.
  • Unique illustrations by Chris Armstrong.
  • A gorgeous card stack interface that is easy and intuitive to use.
  • Easy card skimming in landscape mode.

Combined with the RTBS weather base station application you will be more than ready to go hunt.

Realtree offers also a free app for turkeys tips. They cover all the main games and give great tips for all types of hunters, from beginners to more experienced hunters.



Researching to find those free apps showed me how the technology is there to help us gather many crucial data to perform and increase our hunting experiences. These free apps allow you to make your minds and might give you a better understanding of hunting apps. I could add Hunt Predictor as one of the best free hunting apps on the market but it is only offered for Androids. That said, combined with Scoutlook Weather deer log, those two apps might be the best application combination for hunters and this, for free.

If you are interested in upgrading your free app for another more efficient and precise hunting app, there are many buyable hunting apps on the market but be careful, many of them will reproduce the apps above.

There were more apps, however, I filtered to select the best free hunting apps according to me. All are easy to use and provide a clear command center. 

Hope this will be any help to you. Thank you for reading us and do not hesitate to leave comments or questions below.

Have a nice Hunt!


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